The nuclear incident at Minot AFB

Posted by yeslove, November 4th, 2007 | Print | Svenska

In-depth analysis of the Minot AFB incident where a B52 armed with six thermonuclear cruise missiles landed at Barksdale AFB, a gateway for middle east missions.

Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order

Certainly the ties of the Commonwealth Research Institute (CRI), a non-profit organization working for the Pentagon, are questionable and the organization could be a front for internal operations that bypass most military personnel. The case appears to be part of an internal operation that was being kept a secret from most of the U.S. military, but what for?

The American people have before them a case of treason that involves the highest offices of government and most probably the offices of the President and the Vice-President.

An unveiled threat to trigger World War Three has been the response of George W. Bush Jr. to Russia’s statements warning that a U.S. sponsored war with Iran, could result in an escalating World War III scenario.

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