SV:Fractional reserve banking på svenska

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Compementary currencies -a solution to the economic crisis

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Bernard Lietaer: White Paper on the Options for Managing Systemic Bank Crises

The on-going financial crisis results not from a cyclical or managerial failure, but from a structural one. Part of the evidence for this assertion is that there have already been more than 96 other major banking crises over the past 20 years, and that such crashes have happened even under very different regulatory systems as well as at different stages of economic development.
We urgently need to find better solutions because the last time we faced a breakdown of this scope, the Great Depression of the 1930s, ended up in a wave of fascism, and World War II However, so far the conventional solutions being applied – nationalization of the problem assets (as in the original Paulson bailout) or nationalization of the banks (as in Europe) – only deal with the symptoms, not the systemic cause of today’s banking crisis. Similarly, the financial reregulation that will be on everybody’s political agenda will, at best, reduce the frequency of such crises, but not avoid their re-occurrence.

The good news is that a systemic understanding and technical solution are now available that would ensure that such crashes become a phenomenon of the past. A recent conceptual breakthrough, that takes its evidence from balanced, structurally sound, and highly functioning eco-systems now proves that all complex systems, including our monetary and financial ones, become structurally unstable whenever efficiency is overemphasized at the expense of diversity, interconnectivity and the crucial resilience they provide. The surprising systemic “a-ha” insight is that sustainable vitality involves diversifying our types of currencies and institutions and introducing new ones that are designed specifically to increase the availability of money in its prime function as a medium of exchange, rather than for savings or speculation. Additionally, these currencies are expressly designed to link what would remain otherwise unused resources with unmet needs within a community, region or country. These currencies are know as “complementary” because they do not replace the conventional national money, but rather operate in parallel with it.


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EU-Russia towards strategic partnership?

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EU and Russia to discuss partnership Russia Today reports.

Russia Today:New kids on the block better listen – EU

“My message to Poland and Lithuania is that it’s better for you to be with all of the member-states in expressing a single view rather than having different views towards Russia,” Barroso said.

The situation seems to have changed drastically over the past two weeks, as the UK had abandoned the earlier demand to freeze EU-Russia relations and voiced the readiness for a new page in that relationship. The Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia sided with the UK.

Only Lithuania and Poland adhered to the position voiced upon the beginning of August hostilities in Georgia. However, the UK refused to sign that document. In fact, the EU does not need authorisation from other EU agencies for resuming negotiations on a new strategic partnership agreement with Russia, as French representative Christine Roget told a Friday press briefing before the EU informal summit. (more…)

China: USA has plundered the world with dollar

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Reuters: U.S. has plundered world wealth with dollar: China paper

The front-page commentary in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily said that Asian and European countries should banish the U.S. dollar from their direct trade relations for a start, relying only on their own currencies.

A meeting between Asian and European leaders, starting on Friday in Beijing, presented the perfect opportunity to begin building a new international financial order, the newspaper said.

The People’s Daily is the official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party. The Chinese-language overseas edition is a small circulation offshoot of the main paper.

“The grim reality has led people, amidst the panic, to realize that the United States has used the U.S. dollar’s hegemony to plunder the world’s wealth,” said the commentator, Shi Jianxun, a professor at Shanghai’s Tongji University. (more…)


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Fredrik ReinfeldtMona SahlinSwedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt and opposition leader Mona Sahlin

Trust is instrumental to the function of a society, without trust it falls apart.

In the US Department of Defense, a `trusted system or component’ is defined as `one which can break the security policy’. (1)

The New York Times reported on 19 February 2002 that the Pentagon’s new “Office of Strategic Influence” (OSI) is “developing plans to provide news items, possibly even false ones, to foreign media organizations” in an effort “to influence public sentiment and policy makers in both friendly and unfriendly countries.”(2)

The argument is that funding has dried up because the money markets don’t trust the banks.(3)

The reason the money markets have seized is that banks don’t trust each other. The reason Europe struggles to find a systemic solution to this crisis is that governments don’t trust each other. (4)


SV:USA hotar Ryssland med kärnvapen

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The olympic war

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George Bush and Mikeil SaakashviliGeorge Bush and Mikeil Saakashvili, Tblisi 2005.

Wikipedia:Ancient Olympic Games

During the Olympic Games a truce or ekecheiria was observed. Three runners known as spondophoroi were sent from Elis to the various participant cities at each set of games to announce the beginning of the truce. During this period armies were forbidden from entering Olympia, wars were suspended and legal disputes and the use of the death penalty were forbidden.

Mark Almond:Plucky little Georgia? No, the cold war reading won’t wash

Although Mikheil Saakashvili has done little for the refugees since he came to power early in 2004 – apart from move them out of their hostels in central Tbilisi to make way for property development – he has spent 70% of the Georgian budget on his military. At the start of the week he decided to flex his muscles. (more…)

SV:Missilsköld och amerikanskt förstaslag

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SV:FRA, gasledningen och militariseringen av Östersjön

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