Sv:Politisk permafrost

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Sv:MI6 och Demokratins dödgrävare

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The nuclear incident at Minot AFB

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In-depth analysis of the Minot AFB incident where a B52 armed with six thermonuclear cruise missiles landed at Barksdale AFB, a gateway for middle east missions.

Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order

Certainly the ties of the Commonwealth Research Institute (CRI), a non-profit organization working for the Pentagon, are questionable and the organization could be a front for internal operations that bypass most military personnel. The case appears to be part of an internal operation that was being kept a secret from most of the U.S. military, but what for?

The American people have before them a case of treason that involves the highest offices of government and most probably the offices of the President and the Vice-President.

An unveiled threat to trigger World War Three has been the response of George W. Bush Jr. to Russia’s statements warning that a U.S. sponsored war with Iran, could result in an escalating World War III scenario.

Missile Defense and US Nuclear primacy

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The transatlantic ‘link’ between the US and Europe is key to sustain Anglo-American power and hegemony. Key to sustain the transatlantic link is to maintain the division between ‘Old Europe’ and ‘New Europe’ and between Europe and Russia. The more oil and gas flowing from Russia to Europe, the weaker these divisions will become and this will pose a threat to US dominance. An attempt to reinforce the divisions and announce intent to remove the last obstacle to global hegemony, that is Russias strategic nuclear arsenal, was made in a 2006 article written by two military analysts in Foriegn Affairs. (more…)

9/11 in memoriam

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Some voices about the century’s defining event.

We have a responsiblity to deal with forms of government that causes nineteen kids to get on airplanes and kill 3000 students. — George W. Bush (*)

9/11 was an inside job. — Alex Jones

Who cares? — Noam Chomsky

* Sky News interview ahead of the 2007 APEC summit (@ 3.52)

Sv:Vad händer i Sverige?

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