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Kosovo, independence with remote control

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“Sure, this proclamation [of independence] blows up the founded international right on the sovereignty of the States. “ – Former KFOR commander gen. Fabio Mini.

One of the worlds largest US overseas military bases is built in Kosovo on the border to Macedonia.

William F. Engdahl:Kosovo and Washington’s Strategic Agenda for Europe and Eurasia

The US strategic agenda for Kosovo is primarily military, and its prime focus is against Russia and for control of oil flows from the Caspian Sea to the Middle East into Western Europe. By declaring its independence, Washington gains a weak state which it can fully control. So long as it remained a part of Serbia, that NATO military control would be politically insecure. Today Kosovo is controlled as a military satrapy of NATO, whose KFOR has 16,000 troops there for a tiny population of 2 millions. (more…)

2-0 to Russia in geo-chess

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First Putin exposed the duplicity about the missile-defense for everybody to watch by offering a, for detection of “Iranian missiles” superior location of the Czech radar station, in Azerbaijan. USA declined and removed all possible doubts about the shield’s purpose.

Now Russia offers “help” in Afghanistan and cooperation with NATO in the military encirclement of itself. A clever idea to challenge the stated rationale of war, is it really a ‘war on terrorism’ or is it about something else? The islamists were old allies in Afghanistan and the Balkans and Tim Osman after all an old CIA ‘asset’. (more…)