Denmark is discussing 9/11

Posted by yeslove, December 12th, 2007 | Print | Svenska

The most read morning paper in Denmark, Avisen has published four big articles on the 9/11 truth movement, wtc7 and Pentagon. The huge response resulted in a special tema section in the online version followed by massive debate. The tabloid Ekstrabladet 12/12-07 followed with an article titled CIA was behind 9/11, in Danish television channel TV2 a “truther” or 9/11-skeptic explains:

“9/11 is one of the most important contemporary political questions ever that define what is called “the war on terror”. If you can show that 9/11, which is the basic premise for the war on terror didn’t happen as the official explanation says it did, then there is reason to revise many things…”

YouTube Preview ImageUpdate 12/16: Norwegian media also discuss 9/11 from a skeptical point of view. På tide å tenke konspiratorisk? was published 11/24 i Fædrelandsvennen, Stavanger Aftenblad, Bergens Tidende and Adresseavisen. Previously 9/11 skepticism has been covered by Norwegian Le Monde Diplomatique.

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